What is IQ?

IQ is short for intelligence quotient.
The IQ is often used as an indication and measurement for intelligence. The IQ is than used as a measurement and norm indication for one's intelligence and is expressed in a number.

Nevertheless, discussions are ongoing whether the IQ should be used as a single measure for intelligence and whether multiple aspects could be of relevance for intelligence. Also, there is no officially acknowledged methodolgy to measure intelligence. Fact is that with IQ we can have an indication and measurement of one's partial intelligence.

The average person's IQ is 100. All scores above 100 indicate that a person is more intelligent that the average person, while lower than 100 means that one is less intelligent than the average person.

A high IQ, so a more than average intelligent person, is often seen as a positive sign. By itself, a high IQ is not the key to success in one's (professional) life. Equally important at the least, are personality, ambition, social skills and thing like tenability.
Your intelligence, and with that one could say your IQ, is a given. However, it is possible to excercise, practice IQ tests in order to improve on IQ scores following from IQ tests.